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A boutique law firm specializing in representing Olim and foreign investors in real estate transactions and estate planning combining 

professionalism with a personal touch.





Purchasing a home may be a stressful and difficult transaction that requires one to be familiar with all aspects relating to the transfer of rights in property in Israel.

The process begins with checking of titleship and property rights, negotiation, obtaining of mortgage, if necessary, drafting and negotiation of the contract, dealing with taxes, following the deal through and registering the property on the buyers name. Any small mistake done along the way may cost you lots of time, money and aggravation.

Rosen-Solow law offices, is at your service to ensure your residential real estate transaction is done in a proper, prompt and efficient manner.

Debbie Rosen-Solow, has the experience, know-how and contacts required to complete your transaction successfully.



Wills, and estate planning are essential in the protection of one’s assets and resources. At Rosen- Solow, Law Offices, we help individuals and families to protect their hard-earned resources, avoid unnecessary legal proceedings and ensure their wishes are realized for the benefit of their beneficiaries and loved ones. From our conveniently located Beit Shemesh office, we serve clients across the country. Regardless of the size of your estate, proper and careful estate planning can help you avoid excessive taxation and ensure the protection of your beneficiaries’ interests. Furthermore, If you have children who are minors a will benefiting them is essential , in order to control who will take care of what you leave behind for their benefit. 

My estate planning services are custom tailored to your particular circumstances and needs, and are always mindful of your wishes and needs



Trying to plan for all future eventualities used to be very difficult in Israel. Prior to recent change in the Law, people had little or no say in how their personal and financial affairs would be managed. Now, with the legal recognition of a document known as an Enduring Power Of Attorney (EPA), one can decide who is going to manage his or her finances, health issues, personal and social needs, and general well-being, long before one is no longer capable of doing so. The EPA empowers individuals to maintain some form of control over their future by introducing various means for support, assistance and protection, for circumstances in which their legal capacities have been temporarily or permanently restricted. The EDA can only be drawn-up by specially trained and certified lawyers. 

With EPA processing, parents to young and/or disabled children or guardians of individuals with special needs can state their directives for the care that will be provided at a time when they can no longer serve as guardians.  

At Rosen-Solow Law we work together with our clients to find the optimal arrangement. Stating with discussing all the issues, drawing up the documents and depositing the signed documents at the General Custodian's office. 



At Rosen-Solow Law Offices, it is our goal to provide you with utmost professional, courteous, efficient and personal service to all your real estate and wills & inheritance needs.

Our motto is professionalism with a personal touch. At Rosen-Solow Law Offices, each and every client really matters.

Rosen- Solow, Law Offices, offers its services to local residence, as well as foreign residence. In many cases, we handle the entire transaction for our clients from start to end, informing our clients of every step of the way. Subsequently, our clients chose to be as involved in the process as they wish. Some of our clients chose the property of their interest, hire us to take care of everything, and arrive in Israel just in time to move into their new homes.




Debbie Rosen Solow was born in New York and settled in Jerusalem, Israel, with her family at a young age. After graduating from one of the leading Law Schools in Israel she was immediately recruited to work for the legal department of the Ministry of Internal Security.

Shortly after passing the bar, Adv. Rosen-Solow joined the legal department of the Ministry of the Interior, where she managed the department of real estate and municipality law for approximately 6 years.

In August of 2005 Adv. Rosen-Solow left the government service and joined the law offices of Rinot- Elhiyani, based in Ra’anana, working exclusively in the fields of residential property, wills and inheritance. Due to growing demand, she has since opened a Beit Shemesh office, attracting many veteran residents as well as newcomers to Beit Shemesh. As an American-born Israeli who’s been entrenched in Israeli culture for many years, Adv. Rosen-Solow has the unique assets of bilingualism and a clear understanding of both Israeli and Anglo mentalities that will allow her to serve your legal needs in Israel with utmost success.





Shimon 67, Beit Shemesh, Israel 99543

Tel:  972-2-991-6515


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